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Trudi Canavan – The Novice ~ Free Download Ebook

November 28, 2016

Trudi Canavan - The Novice ~ Free Download EbookSynopsis        :

The Black Magician Series # 2
Language : English

The Black Magician trilogy is a fantasy novel series written by Australian author Trudi Canavan. The books follow a slum-dwelling girl named Sonea who, although born and raised in the slums of Imardin, discovers that she has natural magical abilities usually restricted to the upper classes. They describe her attempts to escape capture by the Magicians’ Guild and gain control of her powers, her struggle to fit in and learn magic, and ultimately her attempts save Kyralia using the one type of magic forbidden from use. Although the series is composed of only three books, it is accompanied by a prequel entitled The Magician’s Apprentice and a sequel series, called The Traitor Spy trilogy.

Sonea begins studies at the Guild University as a Novice but her charismatic and influential classmate, Regin, sways the opinion of the other first-year Novices, turning them against her. Through various means (stealing a classmate’s pen and putting it in Sonea’s private box, setting out rumours of her having killed someone, among other things) he attempts to convince everyone, including the teachers, that she is little more than a thief and far below them in status. Lorlen sends Dannyl, Rothen’s former Novice, to Kyralia’s neighbouring land Elyne as a second ambassador of Elyne, to follow the research Akkarin did as a young man, trying to discover where he learned black magic without letting Dannyl know what the research is for.

High Lord Akkarin discovers that Lorlen knows of his secret (that Akkarin has used black magic), and by reading his mind finds that Sonea and Rothen also possess this knowledge. Akarrin claims guardianship over Sonea in order to keep their silence and she reluctantly moves into the High Lord’s Residence. Regin’s bullying intensifies until finally Sonea follows an idea given to her by Lord Dorrien, Rothen’s son, and challenges Regin to a duel in the Arena and wins. Sonea later witnesses Akkarin kill a Sachakan man, and he explains that the man was a spy sent from Sachaka to kill him, although Sonea doesn’t know whether or not to believe him.

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