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Pittacus Lore – The Fallen Legacies ~ Free Download Ebook

October 30, 2016

Pittacus Lore - The Fallen Legacies ~ Free Download EbookSynopsis        :

Lorien Legacies : The Lost Files Series # 3
Language : English

The Legacies, was released on July 24, 2012. It is a paperback edition of the three previously released Lost Files novellas—Six’s Legacy, Nine’s Legacy, and The Fallen Legacies. Originally published as individual e-books, this was the first time they were available in print. All the included stories can be found under these names: Six’s Legacy, — Nine’s Legacy, — The Fallen Legacies.

The Fallen Legacies was released on July 24, 2012. It is told from the first person perspective of Adamus Sutekh, a Mogadorian general’s son. The book starts with in front of the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. Adam and his adopted brother Ivan are doing homework. Then Adam and Ivan are called by their father. The Mogadorians have found a lead on Number One. Adam and Ivan accompany their father to Malaysia to kill Number One. A vat born soldier (a Mogadorian soldier grown through genetic engineering) kills Number One right as she develops the legacy to create earthquakes.

Once back at Ashwood Estates, a Mogadorian compound, Adam is asked by his father to be hooked up to a special machine that is connected to One’s body. He falls asleep. In his deep sleep he meets the ghost of One. One takes him through her life on Earth up until she is killed and tries to see doubt in Mogadorian progress. When Adam awakes it has been three years. Adam can’t believe he’s been asleep that long. But, he is just in time to accompany his father and Ivan on a mission to find Number Two. Adam gets to the apartment where she’s staying first. He tells her he’s there to help. Just then Ivan arrives.

He thinks Adam is trying to trick the Garde and kills her himself. After however Adam deletes a post that Number Two was using to try and contact the other Loriens. Time passes and Number Three is located. The Mogs proceed to Kenya to find him. Adam and Ivan meet a boy named Hannu. He is Number Three. Adam tries to warn him but is too late. His father kills Three. The book ends when Adam falls down a ravine.

Download Here : Pittacus Lore – The Fallen Legacies pdf

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